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New Stream Rules Zoom Meeting
Planning Commission Dec. 13 Monday at 1pm

Dear San Geronimo Valley Stewards, Friends, and Homeowners,

Marin County Planning Commission will hold its meeting on the new stream ordinance Dec. 13, 2021 Monday at 1 pm. The new stream rules will impact all homes and improvements located within 100 feet of any stream in San Geronimo Valley (not the rest of Marin). The Commission will likely vote to approve the ordinance. Stewards asked for some changes they may consider.

You can participate by Zoom on your computer, or by telephone.

By computer:
If you have not already installed zoom app, go to www.zoom.us/join.
Meeting ID is 878 0117 8611
Password is 299372
Use the "Raise Hand" button if you want to speak.

By telephone:
Dial 669-219-2599 or 253-215-8782
Meeting ID is 878 0117 8611 #
Attendee ID is #
Password is 299372 #
If you want to speak, press *9.
Then press *6 to unmute your mic.

Each person speaking is limited to 3 minutes.

The meeting agenda, with attached copies of stream ordinance and other documents, can be found at this LINK:
Planning Commission Hearings - Community Development Agency – County of Marin marincounty.org

Summary of New Stream Rules for Homeowners

Here are the new dates for Marin County's consideration of the proposed Stream Conservation Area Ordinance:

Monday November 8: Workshop with Planning Commission and Community.

We offer this summary of how the new stream rules proposed by Marin County may effect your property and house. We believe the ordinance and exhibits will burden families with costs and delays for ordinary home maintenance and improvements. The rules are confusing and will require homeowners to consult lawyers and pay experts for common projects.

In San Geronimo Valley, 4200 people live in a forest surrounded by dry grassland. The new stream rules discourage sensible vegetation management, and do not require compliance with state law and local fire agencies regarding defensible space and fire prevention.

The SGV Stewards and supporters are not professional developers building new mansions. We are the 2,000 families who live in existing homes, many built decades ago, on small lots close to creeks.

The new stream rules apply to only the San Geronimo Valley. Marin County does not burden any other area with these new costs and delays.


A. Where to read the new stream rules: This is a brief summary. You can read the exact language of the new rules by going to the Marin County website: www.marincounty.org/sca

Scroll down to "2021 SCA Ordinance Documents" Exhibit A is the Stream Conservation Area Ordinance (SCAO). Supporting Resource Materials include: Exhibit C on Site Assessment Exhibit D Standard Management Practices (SMP's)

B. Your comments are welcome: Please send your questions, objections, and recommendations to the public officials we list at the end of this email.

We hope you will participate in the Monday November 8 workshop for the community and the County Planning Commission. Watch your emails for exact time and details how to log onto the virtual meeting. The Planning Commission is scheduled to vote Monday December 13.

C. New Stream Rules: Do you want to: replace your wood deck, repair your roof shingles, or add 400 square feet to your home, or pave your dirt driveway, or build a tool shed, or install solar panels?

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Roys' Redwoods Proposed Project

For decades, Roys' Redwoods has been a local treasure, much beloved by the 4,000 residents of San Geronimo Valley. The site has recently been discovered by many people from the Bay Area. Generations of hikers, horse riders, dog walkers, and children have left evidence of their visits near streams and under the trees. Read More >


San Geronimo Valley Stewards Support Urban Streams Coordinator Program

The Board of Directors of San Geronimo Valley Stewards sent a letter to the Marin County Board of Supervisors supporting continuation of the Urban Streams Coordinator Program through June 2021.  Families in the Valley have benefited from the advice and support of the Marin Resource Conservation District, particularly the high energy and attention devoted by Sarah Phillips. Read More >


Watch for New Stream Map and County Ordinance

Marin County is preparing a new Lidar map of San Geronimo Valley streams and an expanded stream protection ordinance that would govern every structure and improvement within 100 feet of any main stem creek, seasonal stream or ephemeral runoff. Read More >

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